Theoretical Principles Of Forming Business Social Responsibility

Nataliia Tkachenko, Nina Losovska


The current stage of economic development  is  characterized  by  the  development  of business social responsibility as one of the integral components  of  successful  functioning  of  business structures,  which  interconnects  the  activities  of enterprises with the society and is one of the most important factors on the path to economic development of both individual enterprises and the domestic economy as a whole. The article investigates the approaches to corporate social responsibility. The  approaches  of  well-known  European  organizations  and  the  founders  of  the  discussion  about the social responsibility of business are analyzed. The question of the concept formation of social responsibility is considered; its components and approaches to ensuring its effectiveness are considered.

Ключові слова

business social responsibility; corporate social responsibility; development; enterprise; society; concept

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