Development of bank innovations in Kazakhstan under the conditions of functioning of the EAEUС

Yеlena Gridneva, Gulnar Kaliakparova, Kaisar Alpysbayev


In the context of globalization, the issue of introducing and developing innovations in the banking sector is a modern and complex process. Innovative technologies make it possible to increase the image and financial independence of the bank. In this direction, EAEU countries have great experience in conducting scientific and technical cooperation and pursuing innovative policies, which in the future can become full partner countries for Kazakhstan. In the article, the authors identify the reasons for the emergence of new banking technologies; reveal the main ways of developing banking innovations in Kazakhstan in the conditions of the EAEU. The authors proposed a new interpretation of banking innovation.

Ключові слова

Kazakhstan; banks; second-tier banks (STB); banking; innovation; banking innovation; integration processes; EAEU; scientific and technological progress (STP)


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