State banks and the real economy: contemporary problems and prospects of lending

Viktoriya Kostohryz, Svitlana Zaporozhets


The article explores current features of bank lending to the real economy, clarifies the main problems that constrain financing of the real sector through banking institutions. An analysis of the ownership structure of assets and liabilities of the banking system has been carried out, and it has been determined that banks with the participation of public capital have sufficient resource, strategic and administrative potential and should play the role of financial channels of penetration of public policy (financial, monetary, investment) into the real economy. It has been found that in the current conditions of reforming the banking system of Ukraine, political and economic instability in the state, banks with the participation of state capital have a number of problems that can be overcome by implementing administrative and economic measures of macroeconomic and microeconomic character.

Ключові слова

state bank; bank lending; financial result; real economy


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